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Current trends on spectral data for
Higgs bundles IV


 University of Oxford
Mathematical Institute (L3)
November 17-18, 2018

Higgs bundles and their spectral data have had applications in different research areas of mathematics and physics, and these series of Workshops bring together people working on areas tangential to Higgs bundles to learn and teach about novel methods that could be applied in a broad set up.

The meeting is the fourth in the series:
"Website for the series of meetings"

The series of workshops has been presented in cooperation with the Association of Women in Mathematics (AWM) and supports the Non-Discrimination Statement of AWM..

For any questions regarding the meeting, please email
Laura Schaposnik at



Camilla Felisetti

Genève, Switzerland

Title: The intersection cohomology of the moduli space of Higgs bundles on a smooth projective curve.

Sergei Gukov

Caltech, USA

Title: Fixed points and a hidden SL(2,Z) symmetry.

Eloise Hamilton

Oxford, UK

Title: Moduli spaces for unstable Higgs bundles 

Nigel Hitchin

Oxford, UK

Title: Lagrangians and hyperholomorphic bundles.

Victoria Hoskins

FU Berlin, Germany.

Title: Motives of moduli spaces of vector bundles and Higgs bundles

Monica Kang

Harvard, USA.

Title: Characteristic numbers of elliptic fourfolds

Sara Maloni

Virginia, USA.

Title: The geometry of quasi-Hitchin symplectic Anosov representations




Funding is available for graduate students and post-docs. Please apply before the deadline of November 10 2018.

Lodging will be covered for all accepted participants during the nights of Saturday November 17 and Sunday Novemvember 18 (some further travel funding might become available)

Participants from QGM Aarhus will be able to have all their trip covered through the QGM-Oxford collaboration. 

Applications will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis, and notification of funding will only take a few days after application is made.  The registration form also appears here:

Registration and
funding application


1 Benjamin Aslan University College London

2 Severin Barmeier University of Münster

3 Alberto Celotto SISSA 

4 Maurício Corrêa UF de Minas Gerais

5 Andrew Dancer University of Oxford

6 Veronica Fantini SISSA

7 Camilla Felisetti Université de Genève

8 Udhav Fowdar University College London

9 Jacob Gross University of Oxford

10 Sergei Gukov Caltech 

11 Michael Hallam University of Oxford

12 Eloise Hamilton University of Oxford

13 Nigel Hitchin University of Oxford

14 Maximilian Holdt Kiel University

15 Victoria Hoskins Freie Universitat Berlin

16 Yeonwook Jung University of Oxford

17 Monica Kang Harvard

18 Omar Kidwai University of Toronto

19 Frances Kirwan Oxford University

20 Marina Logares Plymouth

21 Sara Maloni Virginia State University

22 Sven Marquardt Kiel University

23 Mirko Mauri Imperial College

24 John McCarthy UCL

25 Ian McIntosh University of York

26 Claudio Meneses Kiel University

27 Borislav Mladenov Imperial College 

28 Juan Manuel Pérez University of Oxford

29 Daniel Platt Imperial College

30 Sam Povall University of Liverpool

31 Yikun Qiao University of Oxford

32 Steven Rayan University of Saskatchewan

33 Raul sanchez galan UCL

34 Laura Schaposnik UIC

35 Seungjae Son University of Oxford

36 Calum Spicer Imperial College

37 Jenny Swinson King's College, London

38 Yuuji Tanaka

39 Alessandro Vannini Università di Roma LS

40 Haopeng Wang KU Leuven

41 Tong Zhou University of Oxford

42 Filip Zivanovic University of Oxford


* If you arrive early on Saturdat, you may want to come to the Royal Oak across the street from Maths to meet other participants. The conference dinner on Saturday 6:30 p.m. will be covered for all registered participants and will  take place at Chutneys (36 St Michael's St, Oxford OX1 2EB)

The talks will take place at the Mathematical Institute in the room L3  (in the basement) 

Venue and Accomodation

The workshop will take place at the Mathematical Institute of the University of Oxford, UK
More details will be sent to registered participants closer to the date of the meeting.

We expect all accepted participants to have lodging covered by the workshop.  

Wifi: Participants will be able to use Eduroam at Oxford, and hotels will have Free Wifi. 

Organized By:

Laura Schaposnik


With support from:

  • NSF CAREER Award DMS 1749013;
  • NSF Grant DMS 1509693;
  • Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford;
  • UIC Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science Department.