Krakow, Poland 2013

A year in a Mathematician’s life - 2015: one photo taken every day.

This Project 365 is intended to collect one photo each day during the year 2015, reflecting what I believe is an interesting, although possibly un-noticeable, situation - and also sometimes tiny things I hear, read or learn.
If you’d like any of the photos in better resolution, email me at, and I’ll be happy to send them for non-commercial use. 

My rules are: the photo has to be taken on that day, and by me.

Here is my Project 365 for 2014.

Here is my Project 365 for 2013.

And here are clips I made with the photos of the last two years



Sydney (Australia),

Manly (Australia),

Adelaide (Australia),

Buenos Aires (Argentina),

La Plata (Argentina),

San Francisco (USA),

San Jose (USA),

Mountain View (USA),

Berkeley (USA),

Napa Valley (USA),

Chapel Hill (USA),

Minneapolis (USA),

South Bend (USA),

Chicago (USA),

Volo Bog (USA),

Schiller Woods (USA),

Champaign (USA),

Urbana (USA),

Kickapoo (USA),

Cambridge (USA),

Somerville (USA),

Boston (USA),

Salt Lake City (USA),

Park City (USA),

Durdle Door (England),

East Lulworth (England),

London (England),

Crewe (England),

Stoke-on-Trent (England),

Oxford (England),

Santarém (Portugal),

Faro (Portugal),

Evora (Portugal),

Lisbon (Portugal),

Batalha (Portugal),

Geneva (Switzerland),

Lausanne (Switzerland),

Meyrin (Switzerland),

Bonn (Germany),

Oberwolfach (Germany),

Wolfach (Germany),

Frankfurt (Germany),

Budapest (Hungary),

Paris (France),

Orleans (France),

Chenonceau (France),

Chambord (France),

Chartes (France),

Villandry (France),

Gennes (France),

Angers (France),

Tulum (Mexico),

Isla Mujeres (Mexico),

Chichen Itza(Mexico),


Tulum (Mexico),

Chennai (India),

Kanchipuram (India)

Jburg (South Africa),

Cape Town (South Africa),

Contact Details

Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

University of Illinois at Chicago

Office 509

851 S. Morgan Street

Chicago, IL 60607-7045


Meetings Organized

2016 SCGP workshop
2015 AIM Workshop
2015 Weekend Workshop
2014 Junior Gear Retreat


David Baraglia (Adelaide)
Indranil Biswas (Tata Inst.)
Steve Bradlow (UIUC)
Nigel Hitchin (Oxford)
Jessica Li (Harvard)


Alan Thompson (Waterloo)

  September 5-10, 2015.
Brian Collier (UIUC)
September 13-15, 2015.
Laura Fredrickson (UT Austin)

   November 15-16, 2015.

Past Visitors

(UIUC, Heidelberg,Oxford)

Ben Davison
December 2-7, 2014.
Ana Cristina Ferreira
  May 20-22, 2013.
Bernardo Uribe Jongbloed

   November 5-7, 2012.

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