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MATH 215 - Spring 2018
Introduction to Advanced Mathematics

An introduction to mathematical thinking and proof writting.
University of Illinois at Chicago, USA.

Instructor: L.P. Schaposnik


Lectures: MWF 


12-12:50 in Addams Hall 302 

1-1:50 in Addams Hall 310

Office Hour: Wednesday 9:30-11 a.m.,

or by appointment, in SEO 509

Assistant:  Mihail Hurmuzov

email: mhurmu2@uic.edu 

Sylabus by day: This PDF.

Topics List: This PDF.

GradingFinal grade depends on

10% Mid-Term # 1;

15% Mid-Term # 2;

15% Mid-Term # 3;

20% Final;

20% Homework and writing assignment;

20% Participation in class.

Final: The final exam will be held at the time set by the registrar,

Participation in Class: Students are encouraged to ask questions in lecture about the material currently under discussion, and to answer questions asked by the instructor.

CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR: In order to provide a classroom environment most conducive to learning, and to minimize distractions,

students are asked to follow these guidelines:

Electronic devices should not be used during class;

*  Making or receiving phone calls in the classroom is prohibited. Electronic devices should be silenced during class.

* Please do not to eat in class. (If this policy creates a hardship, for example due to a medical condition, contact the instructor.)

Prerequisites. Grade of C or better in Math 181 and approval of the department.

Attendance: Students are responsible for all of the material covered in the lectures, including any lectures they miss. Any student who misses a lecture is advised to ask classmates for notes and information about any assignments or course announcements. Lecture notes are not provided by the instructor.

Material: Course lectures as well as ”Mathematical Thinking: Problem-Solving and Proofs” by John P. D’Angelo and Douglas B. West, 2nd Edition, Prentice Hall, 2000.

Homework: There will be 6 sets of homework. Homework will be handed in on Mondays and will be due every Wednesday the following week.  You are encouraged to work with others on the homework. You are responsible for writing up your own solutions. Also, you should clearly mark who you collaborated with. Copying homework solutions from other students is not allowed. However, talking through problems, working out proofs and reading others’ proofs to help them improve is allowed.

Writing Assignments: There will be 6 sets of Writing assignments. They will be assigned on Wednesdays and will be due every Wednesday the following week.

Mid term exams: The midterms will be similar to a weekly problem set. However, in addition to material from the previous week, the midterm exam will also include problems on material from earlier in the course. The midterm exams will be graded by the instructor. There will be three mid-term exams and a final exam:

(1) Mid-Term #1:  Wed. Feb. 21.

(2) Mid-Term #2: Wed. March 21.

(3) Mid-Term #3: Wed. Apr. 25.

Academic honesty. All UIC students are required to maintain the standards of academic integrity described in the Guidelines Regarding Academic Integrity.

In particular, this policy prohibits plagiarism. Any violation of these standards will be handled in accordance with the Student Disciplinary Policy.

Homework Writing: I encourage you to write your homework in LaTex, and will be available at most times to help you becoming proficient using this program. You’ll need to get access to a LaTeX (or equivalent). I’ll be giving you sample files, so you don’t need to start from scratch. See the course webpage to find these. Here are the links to use:

• For LaTeX: www.latex-project.org • For MiKTeX (open source LaTeX): http://miktex.org/

• For WinEdt, an editor for LaTeX or MiKTeX files: http://www.winedt.com/

• LaTex symbols can be obtain through http://detexify.kirelabs.org/classify.html

Alternatively, you can do your LaTeX entirely online without downloading anything, and following templates in 



• Late homework is not accepted

• Missing mid-term exams  results in a score of zero.

• Missing the final exam results in a score of zero.

Exceptions are made with instructor approval and only under extraordinary circumstances, such as a severe illness or injury, and documentation may be required. 

Academic deadlines. The UIC academic calendar can be found at:


In particular this calendar includes the deadlines for adding and dropping courses.

Grades. Letter grades for the course will be assigned according to the following scale:

A – 85-100

B – 75-84

C – 65-74

D – 50-64

F – 0-49

Problems sets will be posted on the course web page, with each problem set indicating the date when it is due, on Mondays every two weeks. On the day when an assignment is due, it must be submitted on arrival to class.

Problem Sheets - handed in during class

The deadline for each will be set in class, and will be on Mondays every two weeks

Writting Assignments - handed in during class

Writing Material & Resources

 Colllected from Mathematicians that have taught simmilar courses.