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Workshop on the Geometry and Physics of Higgs bundles IV


Simons Center for Geometry and Physics 
March 16-17, 2019

Preceeding the week-long workshop

This workshop, fourth in a series of Graduate workshops on Higgs bundles, is aimed at graduate students and young postdocs, will expose participants to some current research topics on the geometry and physics of Higgs bundles.  

The Lecture notes will apprear in the special issue of SIGMA (Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications)

Special Issue on Geometry and Physics of Hitchin Systems

For any questions regarding the meeting, please email
Laura Schaposnik at,
Support provided by SCGP, NSF RTG grant DMS-1246844
And Laura P. Schaposnik's NSF CAREER Award

Funding for Travel and Lodging is available for graduate students and post-docs. Please apply before the deadline of February 15st - applications will be reviewed as they arrive and notification of funding will only take a few weeks. 

The workshop preceeds the SCGP meeting:
A Workshop on Challenges at the Interface of Hitchin Systems and String Theory: March 18 – 22, 2019


3 hs of Lectures and 3 hs Problem sessions each. 

Olivia Dumitrescu

Central Michigan University

Mini-course II: Higgs bundles and curve quantization,

Lecture 1: On the other side of the rainbow
Lecture 2: From Higgs bundles to opers
Lecture 3: Geometry of Quantum curves

Lecture notes here:

Florian Beck

Universität Hamburg

Mini-course I: Calabi-Yau and Hitchin integrable systems

Lecture 1: Intermediate Jacobians of CY3s
Lecture 2: Hitchin systems and cameral curves
Lecture 3: Connecting Calabi-Yau to Hitchin integrable systems

Lecture notes here:


If you'd like to attend the conference dinner, please do sign up during Saturday  Registration. 


1 Lara Anderson Virginia Tech

2 Lukas Andre University of Oxford

3 Adam Artymowicz McGill University

4 Caleb Ashley University of Michigan

5 Florian Beck Hamburg

6 Ben Brown The University of Edinburgh

7 Yu Chenglong University of Pennsylvania

8 Dahye Cho Stony Brook University

9 Xian Dai Rice University

10 Xie Dan Tsinghua University

11 Olivia Dumitrescu Michigan State

12 He Feng Virginia Tech

13 Laura Fredrikson Stanford

14 James Gray Virginia Tech

15 Nathan Haouzi SCGP

16 Siqi He Stony Brook University

17 Saesyek Hong Stony Brook University

18 Marcos Jardim Campinhas

19 Lee Jia-Choon University of Pennsylvania

20 Monica Kang Harvard

21 Mohsen Karkheiran Virginia Tech

22 Alexandra Karkheiran Stony Brook University

23 Yoonjoo Kim Stony Brook University

24 Craig Lawrie University of Pennsylvania

25 Henry Liu Columbia University

26 Motohico Mulase UC Davis

27 Haouzi Nathan SCGP

28 Paul-Konstantin Oehlmann Virginia Tech

29 Nikhil Raghuram Virginia Tech

30 Alejandra Rincon FU Berlin

31 Barbosa Rodrigo University of Pennsylvania

32 Jeong Saebyeok Stony Brook University

33 Sakura Schafer-Nameki Oxford

34 Laura Schaposnik UIC / SCGP

35 Rahul Singh University of Pittsburgh 

36 Musaki Taniguchi University of Tokio

37 Cigole Thomas George Mason Univeristy

38 Ciobanu Tudor Stony Brook University

39 Yi Wang Stony Brook University

40 Juntao Wang Virginia Tech

41 Mengxue Yang University of Illinois at Chicago

42 Ruijie Yang Stony Brook University

43 Hang Yuan Stony Brook University

44 Zhang Zili University of Michigan